ProClimate contributes to a restorative and inclusive economy

We contribute to a restorative and inclusive economy in which smallholder producers, financiers and businesses work together to create productive landscapes and minimize negative impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

Stakeholder opinions

Hoja02 Businesses

“ProClimate works on farming for the future. For companies like ours this guarantees high quality raw materials both short and long-term. This is real sustainability”

Rodney Nikkels – ChocolateMakers

Hoja01  Ecosystems

“Investing in healthy ecosystem services is investing in future supply chains. Demonstrating both ecological ánd financial benefits of improved agriculture is one of the strong points of ProClimate.”

Edmond Muller, ForestSense

Hoja03  Financiers

“In an innovative way ProClimate shows how various players in the coffee and cocoa chain can work together and restore farms and ecosystems”

Indra Heerkens, DOEN foundation

Hoja04  Producers

“Through the energy cook stoves and the one million trees project we now have a sustainable improved respiration condition for both the environment and our livelihoods”

Mathias Nabutele, Coffee a Cup