ProClimate is a program based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We were founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Progreso program and still the two programs work firmly together.

Progreso started in 2001 and works with producers and their organisations to improve the income of especially coffee and cocoa smallholders. To achieve these goals, there is an integral collaboration with the producer organisations supporting them with access to finance, access to markets, technical assistance and diversification. Progreso has over the years successfully worked together with more than 70 coffee and cocoa organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In our work with producer organisations, we observed how agriculture production systems are increasingly strained by changing climate and weather patterns while faced with rapid population growth and increasing demand for food. The effects are already being felt by the producers we work with but will become increasingly severe as climate changes accelerate. With the smallholder producers we realised that the need for a systems approach to promote the transition to “low emissions, climate resilient” agricultural production systems to secure livelihoods and long-term yields is very urgent.

To counter land/soil degradation and support smallholder producers of tropical commodities to adapt to changing weather patterns, Progreso initiated ProClimate in 2008. ProClimate offers an innovative model, engaging ALL supply chain partners, to co-finance climate adaptation- and implementation costs. We work with producers of tropical commodities and private sector partners to create a systemic impact on ecosystem restoration. We restore degraded land, renovate farms and implement climate smart agriculture. In our approach we generate clear and long-term benefits for the producer communities, the ecosystems, the financiers and private sector partners.

ProClimate has a portfolio of multiple projects. In each project we find innovative solutions to degradation and try combinations of multiple income streams respecting economic interests as well as the sustainability and resilience of the agricultural systems. To get an idea of what we actually work on, visit our project page to see specific examples of farmer support projects around climate change adaptation and mitigation.