Each ProClimate project follows a certain rigor in terms of results, technical aspects and monitoring. Depending on the project ambitions, the available skills of the project owner (the producers) and the available resources, different methodologies can be applied. We believe that measuring impact is important. And we consider it our mission to try to show concrete results. Therefore we support all our partners in our projects to measure and visualize the impact of their activities. We initiate baselines and pre-feasibility studies, but we also contribute to the building of monitoring systems that help partners to measure the effect of their work.

Where possible and applicable we work together with knowledge institutes and standards to build accessible tools for:

  • Footprinting: The Cool Farm Tool / Institute, The Product Category Rules, The Carbon Disclosure Project, The Sustainability Consortium. Product Environmental Footprint, Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Verified Emission Rights: VCS SALM, GoldStandard on A/R, Renewable Energy
  • Climate Smart Agriculture: With Gold Standard Foundation, we are involved in the development of their new methodology on ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’

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