During the years we observed the increasing impact of changing weather conditions and land degradation on communities’ yields and livelihoods. The need for a systems approach to sustainable agriculture to secure livelihoods and long-term yields is very urgent. Since our founding in 2008 we developed and implemented multiple land restoration, farm renovation and climate smart agriculture projects with smallholder producers and private sector partners. We make farming systems more resilient and highly productive, securing both livelihoods and crop production – for generations to come.

ProClimate’s overall goal is to contribute to a restorative and inclusive economy in which smallholder producers, financiers and businesses work together to create productive landscapes and minimize negative impact on ecosystems and biodiversity. Our approach is based on the following guiding principles;

  • ProClimate focuses on smallholder farmers and their families. We believe that they need to become more resilient and have access to productive lands to make sure farming can provide a long-term sustainable income for them and help improve their living conditions.
  • Many times the smallholders we work with live in or very close to natural area’s that are facing a threat of biodiversity loss due to the negative impacts of unsustainable farming on the landscape. ProClimate will integrate specific activities to reduce the negative impact of farming on biodiversity in specific projects where that is feasible.
  • ProClimate believes the solutions to the challenges we have identified are a shared responsibility and can only be solved in innovative partnerships with multiple value chain actors. Therefore, projects of ProClimate involve the collaboration of actors from different areas of the value chain including businesses and financial institutions. Where possible and desirable carbon- or other types of PES-finance will form part of the financial structure of the projects.
  • ProClimate wants to be a source of learning and inspiration for other organizations or sectors to choose a similar development path. ProClimate wants to give the example, and play an important role in up-scaling and replication of project. Measuring impact of our activities on actors and on ecosystems is therefore an important part of ProClimate projects. We work closely with knowledge institutes, standards and the public sector.

Our approach to creating long-term sustainability and success is based on collaboration. We are constantly interacting with the sector to build alliances and partnerships.