Climate Smart Robusta coffee

Regional information

Coffee made happy is a project in collaboration with NedCoffee (Sucden). NedCoffee works closely with the coffee farmers in Lampung, primarily on group formation and certification. The company has interest in assisting 5.000 coffee farmers to increase their coffee production with a Climate Smart Agriculture program, in partnership with ProClimate. ProClimate has financed a feasibility study to assess the potential of this project.


Coffee is very important commodity for the people in Lampung because it is their main source of income. The farmers struggle to meet world market demands for high quality, traceable and/or certified coffee. Seeking to increase their income, the farmers are currently enlarging their plantations by extending farming land in conservation area. Encroachment of the conservation area is threatening its ecosystem, hydro-urological function, and its biodiversity.

The problems to be dealt with are: low levels of productivity, low adoption to sustainable practices, degraded soils & farming system, excessive addiction to fertilizer use and low resilience to climate change. ProClimate will partnership with NedCoffee in order to build a field monitoring & reporting system that must support desicion making, provide transparency about achieved results (CO2 footprint, PES) and stimulate market linkage and interest by showing them the case.


The project aims to reach impact on several aspects such as improved adoption of good agricultural practices to reduce the environmental footprint and to protect primary forest remnants in the direct surroundings of the coffee areas. The aim is also a better market linkage with premium pricing by showing the effects and benefits (reduced environmental footprint) of Good Agricultural Practices with a transparent field monitoring & reporting system, providing up-to-date & transparent information to coffee industry and – roasters.


Angel Mario Martinez Garcia: