Conserving the Yellow Tailed Monkey

Regional Information

In collaboration with the Apenheul (in the Netherlands) and Ucumari (in Peru), ProClimate implements a smallholder coffee project in Los Chilchos, North-Eastern Peru.


Through the renovation and rehabilitation of coffee farms, coffee farmers will increase their productivity. The organization also works to find differentiated markets for their coffees, which are willing to pay a fair price for the coffee. All this will result in increased income that will help the conservation of 60.000 hectares of forest area, where the Yellow Tailed Monkey inhabits.

Biodiversity offers many opportunities for the development of the project. Initially, the project will focus on the production and commercialization of coffee as a way to protect the surrounding forest of the Yellow Tailed Monkey.

In the future other possibilities can be explored including medicinal plants or many other species living in the ecosystem, as well as eco-tourism. Coffee and cocoa offer a good incentive for communities to make a decent living and conserve and protect the biodiversity of the region.


The project activities will increase and stabilize farm productivity and as a result farmers will reduce the expansion of new agricultural areas (for coffee or other crops) in the native forest. The Yellow Tailed Monkey is protected specie and this project will minimize the negative impact of the human development in this specie’s home.


Angel Mario Martinez Garcia: