Restoring cocoa plantations


This project is located around Tocache, located in the San Martin Department (central Peru), which is one of the most severely deforested departments in Peru due to an expanding agricultural sector, mainly dominated by cocoa and coffee. Around 1000 hectares of former coca (cocaine) plantations are being converted to shaded cocoa systems, combined with the establishment of a number of larger full forest plantations on degraded lands. The main objective is to link this project to the carbon market, with the GS A/R standard, combined with the smallholder module and possible also the Fair Carbon standard of FLO (in development).


The shade trees will improve the micro-climate on farm, as well as the biotic conditions. Soil fertility will be restored, which will have a big impact on the productivity of the farm system. This means higher income for the farmer, also in the long term. Shade tree systems in fragmented agricultural landscapes will positively influence biodiversity on farms and reestablish habitat connectivity for many bird, plant and insect species in surrounding forests.

Farming systems with improved and stable productivity will reduce the need for farmers to cut down forests in their search for new productive areas. By generating more then 50.000 sustainable farming systems, the biggest driver of deforestation in the region is taken away. As a result, CO2 emissions from deforestation are hugely reduced likewise.


Angel Mario Martinez Garcia: