Since the founding of ProClimate in 2008 the following partners have given us their strategic support. Apart from these strategic partners, we have many other partners and businesses involved in our projects. Please visit our projects page to find more information about who else is involved.

Progreso Foundation

Progreso foundation- supports the performance and professionalism of producer organizations related to finance, agronomy, sustainability, markets and internal governance. Progreso has worked with over 200.000 small producers in Africa, Latin America and Asia over the past 12 years. Progreso Foundation was one of the initiators of the resilience fund. This fund is launched in 2014 by USAID, Starbucks, Root Capital and other partners to help farmers to become more resilient. Progreso manages the technical assistance projects of this fund.



Avance is a specialized firm based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands that contributes to the building of “the new economy”. The team of Avance are impact engineers and the firm has a focus on making, measuring and maximizing impact. They translate respect for people and the environment into tangible results:



Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation – wants to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. Together with local organizations in developing countries Hivos strives for a world in which all citizens – both men and woman – have equal access to resources and opportunities for development. www.hivos.nlLogo_HIVOS


DOEN Foundation’s ambition is to help build a sustainable world in which everyone can participate. DOEN is looking for pioneers who will make a positive contribution to the following developments: cultivating positive effects on Climate Change, Cultivating Culture and Cohesion and promoting New Economy. DOEN Foundation achieves its objective through the revenues it receives from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the Friends Lottery and the BankGiro Lottery.