ProClimate restores productive land

During the years we observed the increasing impact of changing weather conditions and land degradation on communities’ yields and livelihoods. The need for a systems approach to sustainable agriculture to secure livelihoods and long-term yields is very urgent. Since our founding in 2008 we developed and implemented several land restoration and agro-forestry projects with small-scale farmers and private sector partners. The projects implement strategies with clear benefits for their productivity, the income levels as well as committed contracts with financiers, businesses and ecosystem markets. A brief overview of our main activities:

  • Conduct pre-validation & feasibility studies, develop implementation plans for footprinting/PDD validation, secure contracts with financiers, businesses, environmental markets, and most importantly, execute projects.
  • Training, capacity development for producer organization staff, local teams of experts and national agricultural extension services.
  • Project implementation. We are working to set up a financing vehicle to provide guarantees and/or affordable debt. In addition, we can activate a crowdfunding functionality.
  • Develop videos and educational materials, analytical data and proof of the relevance of restoring productive lands. We also organize meetings and/or speak at conferences.

Our approach to creating long-term sustainability and success is based on collaboration with commercial business partners, financiers and NGO’s. We are constantly interacting with the sector to build alliances and partnerships for a restorative economy.