ProClimate has a focus on the development and implementation of projects creating resilient farming systems in smallholder settings that deliver social, economical and environmental benefits in the long term. The departure point of our projects is always a problem experienced by smallholder farmers. These problems are usually related to soil degradation, crop failures and a depleted landscape.

For each project, we assess with our local partners and farmers, the main causes of ecosystem degradation as well as the main opportunities. Depending on the specific situation, there are four main strategies:

  • Land restoration
  • Farm renovation
  • Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)
  • Reducing negative impact on biodiversity

The mix of interventions depend on each individual situation. Each restoration ambition has a specific cost as well as a return (economic, social, environmental). Our job is to balance these and to build a compelling business case for stakeholders. This can be related for example to a pre-financing arrangement, an upfront purchase of footprint reduction, donor financing, co-investment or certification. The innovative and distinctive part of our work is the combination of:

  • Direct work with producer groups, in rural smallholder settings
  • Securing the commitment from buyers and other business partners
  • Using monitoring models and/or certification standards that allow for transparency and structure revenue streams
  • Facilitating the finance needed to implement the activities, through guarantees, crowdfunding and/or affordable loans.